What Type of Garden Parasol is best for my Furniture?

Choosing the right type of Garden Parasol to suit your Garden Furniture Set or Outdoor Area. The right parasol will make any outdoor living space more inviting and usable. The provided shade will enable you to enjoy spending time outdoors without having the sun or rain beat down on you.

There is more to choosing the best type of garden parasol than just selecting a nice pattern or color-coordinating fabric. Use these guidelines to help you choose the right parasol for your outdoor living space.

Types of Parasols
A residential parasol is designed for use at home, usually to provide shade over a patio table. This pop-up style parasol will have a center pole that fits in the hole in of a patio table.
A market parasol is a little more substantial and durable than a residential type. Market parasols have an octagon shape, wood frame and vented top.

A commercial parasol is typically used by restaurants with outdoor seating or used for an outdoor event. A commercial parasol is large so it can protect a wide area from the elements.

A cantilever parasol has one side attached to a structure and a side pole instead of a center pole to hold up the opposite side. This type of parasol is typically used for a large outdoor events but are becoming very popular for homes and gardens.

Parasol Size
Choosing the right size parasol is of vital importance for protection from the elements and stability. If the parasol is too small for an outdoor space, it won’t provide needed shade or rain protection for those sitting under it. If the parasol is too large for the outdoor space, it can topple over and not be practical for packing away when required.

A standard parasol is 2-3m  in diameter. There are smaller sizes and much larger sizes. The price point of a parasol is directly related to its size.

As a general rule of thumb when purchasing a parasol is to measure the area to be shaded and purchase the size that will extend beyond the measured space. For example, if a patio table is 6 feet long, then a parasol that is 8 1/2 feet in diameter will provide ample shade and rain protection.

Parasol Fabric
Some parasol fabrics are created to block the sun and other fabrics are created to withstand the elements. Some fabrics are treated so they won’t fade due to sun exposure, other fabrics have not been treated. Read the fabric label when choosing the color and pattern to ensure you’re getting the right fabric to meet your outdoor needs.






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