What Size Parasol Base Do I Need?

A Garden Parasol is designed to provide shade so you can enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer months. A parasol over a patio table, lounge chair, children’s play area or other outside area is a great way to stay cool and be protected from the summer sun, but the parasol is only going to be as good as the base which holds it up.

Selecting the right size parasol in a functional fabric and eye-appealing color is important, but unless all of that is secured in the right size base, it won’t stand up. Use these tips for selecting the right size base for your parasol.

What Weight of Base do I need?
The larger the parasol, the heavier the base that will be needed to keep it upright and secure. A small parasol (2 – 2.5m) that will be placed in the center hole of a patio table typically has a pole that is 38mm and can be held securely with a 15kg base.

For larger parasols that free-stand behind lounge chairs or are used to shade other outdoors areas, a minimum 30kg base will be needed to keep the parasol secure. Any size of free-standing parasol will need a larger base than a parasol that is placed through a hole in the center of a patio table or that is secured in some other manner. As a general rule of thumb, 10-20kg should be added if the parasol is free-standing as opposed to being placed through the table center.

A parasol that is 2.5 – 3m in diameter and placed through the center hole of a patio table will need a 20kg base to hold it securely in place. However, that same size parasol will require a 40-50kg base to it securely hold it in a free-standing position.

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What Size Tube will I need?
The most common sizes for parasol poles is 38mm and 48mm in diameter, generally the tubes that attach to the top of the base to hold the parasol will be 40mm or 50mm . Make sure the base tube is the correct diameter for the pole when buying.

Will a Parasol Base fit under my Table?
This is another important thing to check if you are using your parasol with your Garden Table, make sure the base will fit under the table and not be hindered from fitting properly by table legs or support braces.

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