How do I Store my Garden Parasol During Winter?

Garden Parasols are really useful in the the Summer months, providing very important shade and adding the finishing touch to your Garden Furniture Set. When it comes to winter (or even a British Summer) you will be looking to pack your Garden Furniture away along with your Parasol in order to keep it safe and dry for the winter months.

Garden Parasol Weather Covers

One of the first things to consider will be getting a good quality Parasol Weather Cover, these are very handy even in the Summer if you need to cover up for some unexpected rain or just want to fold your parasol down and make everything look neat and tidy.

What Size Cover Will I Need?

Of course, the size of weather cover needed will depend on the size of your Parasol, this is easy enough to measure, with your parasol folded down, measure from the top of the finial down to the end of the parasol spars, then add any excess you think you will need for securing the cover at the bottom so no dirt or rain can get in easily, next, if you have a flexible measuring tape, measure the diameter around the parasol, normally the widest point will be at the bottom where the spars are secured into the pockets of the canopy. Once you have these measurements you are ready to shop for a Garden Parasol Cover.

Depending on your budget, you can buy a basic polythene cover that will probably last one or two seasons with careful use, the next level up is a polyester cover, these normally come with a pull string at the bottom for easy securing, and finally there is a lined, breathable option, this allows moisture to escape but does not let any in.

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Packing Away & Storing your Garden Parasol During Winter

When it comes to packing away and storage, make sure your Garden Parasol is completely dry before folding down. If your Parasol has a two piece pole then make sure you unscrew the bottom half so any water that could have seeped in has a chance to dry out – this will prevent any metal fixtures from rusting during storage.

Cleaning your Garden Parasol

If there is any cleaning to be done then now is the best time to wipe off any bird mess, green or debris that may have built up during the summer. Some warm soapy water may help here!

When your Parasol is clean and dry its ready to be put away, place your Parasol Weather Cover over the Parasol – we find this is done much easier by laying the cover on a flat surface. Don’t forget you can also place the bottom part of your Parasol Pole inside the cover (if you have a split pole parasol).

Once everything is inside we recommend securing the bottom of the Weather Cover tightly around the pole or using a zip/cable tie to close the cover at the bottom, if you are storing in a shed our outhouse, this ensures no bugs or mice can get in.

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  1. We have just got our parasol from the shed after being packed away all winter to find the mice have eaten holes in the canopy – how can we prevent this happening again?

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