A quick guide on measuring your Parasol Canopy

How to Measure a Garden Parasol Canopy

If you are unsure of the size of your parasol then please use the following information to help measure correctly. If you still have your old canopy we would recommend removing from the parasol frame and laying the canopy on a flat surface.

totalwidth-320x190Measuring your canopy

The first step would be to Take the measurment across the total width of the canopy at the widest point

The picture to left shows one of our octagonal parasol canopies folded in half


t-centretoedge-320x190Measurement Number 2

Next you will need to check the measurments from the centre of the parasol to the outer edge, this is best taken from the point where the finial would be fixed down to the end pocket.




And Finally

Another measurement to check is the distance between pockets, for octagonal parasols the distance between pockets will be equal all the way around. Our octagonal replacement conopies all have 8 pockets.If you have a rectangular parasol the distance between the pockets may be different on the shorter side than the longer side.


You may not need to take all three of these measurements to find out what size canopy will fit your frame.

Check the table below to find out which size replacement canopy you’ll need:

-Size    -Total Width  – Between Pockets  – Centre to edge of pocket  – Number of pockets
2.1m       216cm                       79cm                          109cm                                       8
2.5m       259cm                       93cm                          134cm                                       8
2.7m       282cm                       98cm                          144cm                                       8
3.0m       313cm                       112cm                        154cm                                       8
3.5m       356cm                       130cm                        176cm                                       8