Year: 2017

How do I Store my Garden Parasol During Winter?

Garden Parasols are really useful in the the Summer months, providing very important shade and adding the finishing touch to your Garden Furniture Set. When it comes to winter (or even a British Summer) you will be looking to pack your Garden Furniture away along with your Parasol in order to keep it safe and dry for the winter months. Continue reading “How do I Store my Garden Parasol During Winter?”

What Type of Garden Parasol is best for my Furniture?

Choosing the right type of Garden Parasol to suit your Garden Furniture Set or Outdoor Area. The right parasol will make any outdoor living space more inviting and usable. The provided shade will enable you to enjoy spending time outdoors without having the sun or rain beat down on you. Continue reading “What Type of Garden Parasol is best for my Furniture?”

What Size Parasol Base Do I Need?

A Garden Parasol is designed to provide shade so you can enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer months. A parasol over a patio table, lounge chair, children’s play area or other outside area is a great way to stay cool and be protected from the summer sun, but the parasol is only going to be as good as the base which holds it up. Continue reading “What Size Parasol Base Do I Need?”